Aurielaki’s Stock Vector

My Stock Vector is finally open!

After many years of microstock experience I decided to offer an unique opportunity for my followers and for all people inspired by my images. Now the homepage is a stock of all my work and each image licence can be bought to me directly.

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“Producer 2 consumer” philosophy

I believe that the direct contact between producer and customer can generate the best benefit in absolute terms. I know that you have done a long travel to find my website and to reward your curiosity the prices of licenses were thought to be very convenients in compare of other stocks.

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Something about me

I am an illustrator, graphic designer, animator, videographer, astronaut, pirate and cook (ehm..cook as a second job). Someone of you know me as Aurielaki. My isometric illustrations probably in the last years have flooded the microstock world with bright colors and (I hope) new insights for my fans (and sometimes also for my competitors :P).

Every day I try to make something better because I want to offer you something of completely different, something that can fulfill your eyes with a colorful sense of completeness and joy.

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Future aims and quality improvements

Ok is not simple to offer a competitive service compared to other microstock sites so I have done an hard work to offer you the best as possible. High professionals were involved in my project to make a credible and genuine offer. Nothing is perefect but I believe in a continuous improvement! For any suggestions please write to [email protected] and I will be very happy to receive your feedback!

Try all my images and enjoy!

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