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Post-It: Trust Your Fantasy

Sometimes it’s like my mind must be milked. Fantasy is refreshing like drinking an entire bottle of fresh milk and I want to be always thirsty. Because the more thirsty I am, the more fantasy I need and the better the ideas for new images can come out. Don’t you think?

Fantasy makes every world possible

Sometimes, I’m all the possible things, animals and person I imagine to be. Right now, for example, in this torrid day of Summer, I’m a happy rainbow cow smelling the grass and flowers and the breeze of a green mountain and I milk bottles and bottles of fantasy that – I’m sure – have a really good taste! Finally I can switch off the air-conditioning and I can breath the amazing nature trapping in my mind!

Oh, what a fantastic thing is fantasy!

And I do trust fantasy. Always. Because fantasy makes every world possible. Every world I like to moo… I mean ‘live’ in.


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