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On the Isometric Road – Men at Work

When I’m on the road I usually love to observe the landscape standing out all around hoping to draw  inspiration for my illustrations from the beauty of the scenario.

Therefore, when I’m on the road, I automatically turn it in an isometric road. But I’ve never paid attention to the road elements that are just in front of me, neither to men at work. At the end, they work for us, right?

When roadworks become isometric

Then, I got stuck in traffic ’cause of the roadworks.

At first it bothered me, but later I was very impressed by all the things I was watching, the signals, the bulldozer, the semaphores, those men at work and everything else the road represents.  It was as the road was alive and I was the witness of this unbelievable road show.

And surprisingly roadworks gave me inspiration! So, that’s is the final product of what I saw that day: a new isometric road set.

I hope you like it, ’cause I had a lot of fun when I’ve drawn this isometric illustration. The first of many others isometric road illustrations!

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