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Isometric Moonwalking Astronaut

Hello, isometric dudes 🙂

I’m back from a fabulous adventure during which I had this dream about an isometric moonwalking astronaut and his discovery of cosmic love!

I spent a great time, relaxing and having fun in such beautiful places, and one night I have been invited to a party by the seaside, to celebrate the Feast of St. John, singing and drinking around a bonfire.

Discovering Love and Peace on the Moon

I had a good chat with interesting people sitting next to me ’till I laid me down, quite stoned, staring at the moon, imagining the space above me. It was then that I dreamt about a new conquest of the moon, realaborating in my mind all the symbols we all know well.

I imagined what had happened if a hypothetical astronaut, landing on the moon, would have discovered strange footsteps and if those footsteps would have had a message in their shapes.

A message of peace and love.

Finally, I fell asleep under the moonlight and I dreamt about the illustration image I have drawn: an isometric moonwalking astronaut.

I hope you like it as well as the message it brings.

Peace and Love 🙂

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