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Isometric Kissing Wedding Couple. Author: Aurielaki
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Isometric Love Story

I met this couple. They loved each other but there was a big obstacle that endangered their dream about a life to live together. At first, their worlds were distant and separated. They couldn’t have a contact with each other ’cause they had  different vanishing points. They could see each other vis-a-vis, but they never could see their profile. When they were side by side, all they could see was a line without the perspective of their love! Oh, a love without a perspective! Oh, what an impossible love! They needed my help to live a happy isometric love story!

The magic of isometric projection

When I turned them in isometric 3D illustrations, suddenly the things changed for the better! They could embrace each other for the first time. How many real kisses, only imagined until that moment! They would have been so close and inseparable, from that moment on.. Finally, they were part of the same three-dimensional space. Their love converged at the same vanishing points: it had got a perspective!

This new isometric 3D couple found out a new dimension, where they could live their relationship exploring every infinite direction their mind could make up..

Of course, I  officiated the wedding ceremony 😉

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