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Isometric Beach Diorama with a Hippie Van

When I was a child, I was bewitched by animated books. Opening every single page originated entire worlds, made of castles, villages, remote landscapes and maybe a beach diorama with a hippie van like this!

For hours, I opened and closed those magic pages very slowly, to figure out the secrets of those fantastic scenic paper art and dream about making a diorama by myself..

My life in magic cubes

So, when I was seven, I decided to create a 3D model by myself and I started to work with scissors, glue and pastels. I made two tiny houses cube-shaped where, if you had opened a wall like a book, you would have seen the whole furniture inside, designed and drawn by that little kid!

The biggest satisfaction for me was that I had found the key to realize the things I had in my mind..

Now that I have been grown up a little, I keep realizing cube-shaped dioramas. I make them in a different and more precise way, now, but the spirit and the intent is the same as that little kid’s.

I hope you’ll like playing with my little isometric beach diorama with a hippie van.

Enjoy your holidays! 😉

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