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Healthcare Hospital – Isometric People Gallery

Healthcare themes like Clinical Trials, Hospital Departments and Pharmaceutical Research. Stock vector image gallery made with flat style. Image scene with interacting isometric people doctors nurses physicians and patients. To enhance the impact of images were used NEW colorful and bright palette of colors.

Gallery purpose

The Concept was developed around different themes to represented clinic rooms one for each hospital department. The main idea is focused to represent the big categories of each medical specialities. Isometric flat style is used in conjuncion with bright palette to enhance the realistic interactions between human subjects. The image theme was represented in the following versions:

  • Healthcare cells-rooms complete collection of hospital departments
  • Imaging departments (Radiology, Nuclear medicine)
  • Surgery
  • Laboratory (hospital lab and biologic/pharmaceuticals lab)
  • Clinical research (data analysis, investigator’s meeting, department meeting, pharmaceuticals meeting)
  • Emergency/Traumatology/Follow-up visit
  • Hospital staff uniforms
  • Hospitalization (patient hospitalized with his/her family or maternity)

Format and Utilization

Image format is a vector resizable square, the text can be deleted or substituted. The illustrations could be printed on flyers, posters or embedded as digital media on web banners, templates or impressive power point presentations.


Try all collection images and enjoy!

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Healthcare – Hospital Isometric People ultima modifica: 2015-12-07T10:46:30+00:00 da Aurielaki

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