Aurielaki Profile

Aurielaki Profile

I introduce myself
I am an illustrator, graphic designer, animator, videographer, astronaut, pirate and cook (ehm…cook as a second job). I know traditional techniques: pastels, oils, chalk, watercolor, tempera and acrylic. And I know digital techniques: digital painting, digital animation, photo editing, vector illustration.

Memorable feats
These are the three and a half times that I was dead (and I’m not dead).

  1. When I swallowed accidentally a large coin, that always accidentally, flew into my mouth. An experience not really happy. But I’m not dead.
  2. When I collapsed in the middle of the sea, in the middle of a terrible storm. Terrible to see the Death in the face. But I’m not dead.
  3. When a gunshot fired in the middle of the face. Very stupid things which are done of young. But I’m not dead.
  4. When my sister gave birth to my first grandchild. Here it borders on the paranormal. But I’m not dead luckily.

My employer: Working as a freelance at myself

The schools that I did

  • Academy of Fine Arts: Scenery
  • Art School: section Academy

Place where I live: third blue planet, starting with the most luminous.

Contact: image.illustration at gmail com



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