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Working in an Old Isometric American Farm

Have you ever been to an American farm? This time I tried to recreate an isometric farm with a set of barns to recall the ancient American history.

The American landscape is studded with barns of varied shapes and sizes. This agricultural building was primarily located on farms and, as farming progressed, this original “place for barley” was  designed to keep all sorts of stuff under one roof and it was used for many purposes, notably for the housing of livestock and storage of crops.  Each farmer had his own barn, often built with the shared labour and expertise of his family and neighbors.

So, for recreating by myself an original American farm, I need an isometric help!

The benefits of an isometric farm

As you probably already know, in an isometric world everything is possible. In fact, I easily became an American-style farmer and I spent the whole weekend to work hard in my isometric farm as a typical (and real) farmer…

Ok, maybe a real farmer works harder than me, but the best thing of an isometric farm is that you can get the maximum output with minimum effort. Also, you can extend your farmland to infinity… and beyond. If you need a larger barn to store the more things that you need, the isometric is the right way.

So, are you ready to experience your own isometric farm?


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