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The Marzipan House

Certainly, most of you know how hard life for rent is. It’s easy to say: buy a house. You need to work hard and try to hoard money until you can say: ok, I got it! I own a house! Of course you can call me house owner after I pay the mortgage off in full. That means a lot of years…

So I got a better solution. I have always been a huge fan of the Brothers Grimm and their amazing (and sometimes fearsome) tales. One night, I was narrating the story of  Hansel and Gretel to my nephew and, at the point where the two children stumble across the Gingerbread House, I had this clear vision: the house I wanted would have been made of marzipan and sweets!

Get into Fairytales

Soon I found out that life in a fairytale could be not so easy as we think. For example, when it’s a sunny and hot day like today, the walls of marzipan become very sticky and candy chandeliers (or candyliers, as I renamed them) become longer and longer to mash on the ginger table!

Also, when you have got a house made of marzipan and sweets you have to keep away massive armies of ants, gluttonous neighbors, the terrible Mrs Scale who chases you with her loyal Weight Watchers! Not to mention the money you should spend at dentist’s for the unbelievable amount of sugar decaying teeth!

Actually, all this misadventures are repaid by the happiness of sitting on a marshmallow armchair, in the warm embrace of a vanilla fireplace. And what a pleasure to dust, I mean to lick chocolate grains from the chocolate furniture! Or laying my head on a cotton candy pillow!

However, I must be very prudent. Not so far from my marzipan house there is a magic forest where fantastic creatures live. It’s time to meet them and uncover if they are enemies or friends…

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