author: aurielaki / title: isometric concept - The chatter of things

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author: aurielaki / title: isometric concept - The chatter of things

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author: aurielaki / title: isometric concept - The chatter of things

Internet of Things: The Chatter of Things [Part II]

Hi isometric fan! Do you remember what happened last time, on my ‘ Internet of Things ‘ post? Well, one morning a package knocked at the protagonist’s door of this bizarre story and from that moment on he clearly heard that strange package talking! And after that, he heard all the furniture of his house talking!

Perhaps you are wondering who I am. Well, I’m the voice-over and I would like to explain you what the protagonist of that strange adventure couldn’t understand..
Let’s start from the beginning!

What’s RFID?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the wireless use of electromagnetic field to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects (you can read the rest on Wikipedia).

So, we can say that RFID is the technological heart of the things and like a human heart it pumps through the air to the other RFID all the information it gathered about the house where the things live. So, we can say that the things really can talk. And they can interact with each other.

In our story, at first every single element of furniture couldn’t understand the others, ’cause all of them spoke his personal language. This happened until the appearance of a mysterious package. From that moment on, all the things in the house could finally understand each other. What happened next was an uncontrollable chatter of things. (Don’t forget that they live with us, so they know us even better than ourselves). If you have no idea what I’m talking about, come in and have a look (I’ll remain in brackets).

“The milk is off. Damn, I can’t breath, it stinks!” (That’s the fridge.)

“He forgot the shopping list again. I’m a total mess! I need to be dusted!” (The desk..)

“Come on, don’t complain all the time.. He’s always tired, he’s working so hard, he’s losing weight day after day..” (Oh, the scale. I think she is in love with a human, poor she..)

“I would be happy if once in a blue moon he would remember to make the bed.. well.. me. I smell of tobacco. I wonder what he’s got against the window: it seems he forgot to have one!” (The bed always complains.. you know, it has to support us all nights. It’s not an easy job.)

There’s a chair looking out of the window.. She’s chattering with a neighbour’s wardrobe through the Wi-Fi System. It is revealing to the chair that the washing machine – in its house – is secretly in love with the oven, but she suffers because she loves washing things and he loves drying and (sometimes) burning them. However, the neighbor’s hoover said that their love isn’t impossible: on the other side of the town a freezer is happily married with a hair dryer!

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