Author: aurielaki / Title: Adventure Time


Author: aurielaki / Title: Adventure Time

Illustration of neverland island a new adventure for aurielaki
Author: aurielaki / Title: Adventure Time

Aurielaki – A New Adventure

Hi everyone! AurielAki (well, it’s me) is back for a new adventure to experience with you all!

Maybe you are wondering what I’m talking about.  Have you ever heard about Neverland? I think we all did. Well, I’m not talking about “that” famous Peter’s “Never, never, never, land”. In “my” Neverland, Peter Pan grew up and he is an illustrator now, the Lost Boys founded a marvellous park called Disneyworld and Tinkerbell..  you know, I always need her fairy pixie dust to fly with my imagination!

Fly into AurielAki magic world!

So, are you ready to follow me on my next new adventures in the unlimited fantasy world I would love to explore with you?

Are you ready to meet pirates and mythological creatures; create a new and original style with my vintage graphics; play with my isometric world; discover the magic place of thinking and talking things?

illustration available




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