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A Magic Forest

Not so far from the marzipan house I’m living in, there is a magic forest where fantastic creatures live. One day I decided to meet them and uncover if they were enemies or friends.

When I was in that magic place, the first creature I met was a funny monkey who asked me for something to eat. I hadn’t got nothing to eat with me, so I return home and I took a piece of my marzipan house’s raisins cornice. She was very grateful and she gave me a precious indication: I should have follow the shining mane of the River Mmh Mmh Mmh to arrive at Golden Cherries Valley. “What is there?”, I asked. “Actually I don’t know, I’ve never been there”, she replied. Then she ran away and I was alone again, with no river to follow, just the sound of my footsteps.

The Talkin’ Tree

Walking through the magic forest, I bumped into the tallest tree I’ve never seen in my life. There were fireflies shining  all around and I felt like staring at that amazing scene I could be hypnotized.. And I think I was!

Suddenly, the tree started to talk (well, after the monkey’s episode I wasn’t surprised). I learnt he was the WiseTree. He had an answer for all the questions of all the creatures of this world, he said. But unfortunately I also learnt that he wasn’t as wise as he said: in fact, the answer the WiseTree gave to all the creature of this world was always the wrong one…


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